A warm welcome to RAUS!!! Body | Voice | Dance

RAUS!!! is a platform for workshops and festivals.

RAUS!!! means OUT!!! - out of the everyday life, out of town, into an inspiring workshop or a vivid festival.

This website is not up to date anymore. For news about our festival "Contact Time" please check our new website: http://servivo.earth/contact-festival-portugal/

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is an old mill close to Schlieben in the south of Brandenburg between Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden.

Open sky, fields, forest and a little lake just beside the house make this place special.

Since spring 2016 we have a 100 m² studio with a wooden floor.

A beautiful place to dance, for training, workshops and body work.

The project Steigemühle sees itself as a place for relaxed self development.

To give every individual the opportunity to develop its potential, we are very mindful using alcohol and meat. Therefore we ask you to not bring drugs or alcohol.


How to get there

by car from Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden it takes around 1,5 hours.

The next train station is Herzberg (Elster – not Harz!!) and from the you can cycle 15km.The bus connections are not so easy to handle. So if you arrive in groups we can pick you up from the train station by car.


Steigemühle 1
04936 Schlieben

www.steigemuehle.de (sorry it's only in German)


If you have any questions, ideas, messages, write us

Jennie Zimmermann

Jo Bruhn

koerper.stimme.tanz (ät) gmail.com