Impressions Contact Time

sweeping score
sweeping score
early may morning
early may morning
outdoor jam
outdoor jam
outdoor workshop
outdoor workshop
outdoor workshop
outdoor workshop
outdoor jam
outdoor jam

Thanks Eglof Berger and Thomas Puschmann for the camera and the pictures

These were the workshops

Aude Fondard: Smell & Dance

Let’s deepen our connection to nature and others via a sense too often neglected.

The idea behind my « smell workshop » is to explore movement and contact, mindfully, through our sense of smell. How much do odours and the way we perceive them influence our mood, feelings and posture? Can we dance and be creative with it?

People participating are invited to bring a nose-clip, earplugs, 4x4 clothing, thick mittens and a scarf.

More on Aude Fondard here: www.oddinmotion.info/en

Andrew Wass: Ways of Space
Where does the contact begin and end?

What is the pathway of the contact on your body?

On your partner’s body?

What is the pathway of the contact through space?

What is your pathway through space while dancing?

The contact surfaces between bodies has two types of spatial pathways: the pathway through the studio and the pathway over, under, and around the bodies. By abstracting these pathways using a variety of means, we will awkwardly and gracefully expand where our dancing can go.

Jennie Zimmermann: Movement and Velocity

An exploration of different tempi in our dance, observig silence and slowness, the sudden surprises through contact with a partner and dynamics in movement.

Maria Elste: The spine's dance

This class is inspired by the smooth and supple movements of a cat. We will sense the spine, touch it and let it dance. open to all level

Angela-Mara Florant: Multi directionality

Move through the room, following your personal body flow, dancing up and down through the different levels. Be pulled apart, pushed together. Leave a path trailing behind you, search for wide open spaces and return again to narrow, close, tight spaces.

Feel an inner pull in different directions and expand your intention/attention simultaneously in these directions.

Experience a network, a web, connecting you with the space and other dancers in the space.

Aude Fondard: Get your beast out (outdoor session)

Do you rather feel iguana or jaguar?

Butterfly or sand critter?

Koala or kangaroo?

Come with all your cells, souls and imagination, we will bring your menagerie to life, dance and contact in nature with other living beings.

For once, I would like to dance Contact Improvisation with an animal spirit, stir our unsocial side and set it free in the landscape surrounding Steige Mühle.

My approach to dance and improvisation is very much influenced by contemporary dance and butoh. I have been learning from dancers and improvisers who work with a lot of floor work, dynamics, yoga and a strong mindset (Stella Zannou, Rakesh Sukesh, Atsushi Takenouchi, Minako Seki).

Jennie Zimmermann: Scores

Scores can be seen like a "rendez-vous" to practise CI.
A score offers a structure that supports clarity, creativity, dialogue and focus.
An invitation to witness movement, research, deepen and share what is interesting for each of us in dancing.


Jo Bruhn: Arriving

Arriving at the festival
Arriving in space
Lean, feel, sense
First dances
First Jam
Being there?

Maria Elste: Trust - fall - being there - letting go

An invitation to explore.